Our Monuments

A country with historical course from the 7th millennium BC, Greece has a fascinating and interesting past. Historical monuments in Greece and the Greek islands date from all time periods, from the Mycenaean and the Classical times till the Medieval and Modern Era. You will find bellow a list with the most important historical monuments in Greece. Information about the most important historical monuments Greece and the Greek islands: Acropolis in Athens, Ancient Delphi, Knossos Palace in Crete, Ancient Epidaurus, Dion, Ancient Dodona, Ancient Olympia, Mycenae, Mystras and more.

In 1981, Hellas signed the UNESCO treaty for the protection of the monuments and sites of the world’s cultural heritage. The aim of this treaty is to protect these monuments from erosion and destruction, and to preserve them for future generations.
The above-mentioned Hellenic monuments and sites, deemed to be of primary importance from an artistic, scientific, aesthetic, ethnological or anthropological point of view, have been included so far in the UNESCO list.